The Internet Map – Which Are The Countries With No Or Limited Access And Why?

Today, it has become excruciatingly difficult to imagine our lives without internet. From staying active on social media to learning something new, we are on the net almost every minute of the day. Now imagine, you have no internet service. You have to do everything old school. How would that make you feel? Well, even in 21st Century, there are some countries in the world where internet access is limited or almost zero. Who are they? Keep reading to know more about them.

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1. Belarus

Reporters Without Borders (RWB) listed Belarus as “Internet Enemy” in the year 2006, 2007, and 2008. The government of this country uses second and third generation controls to tackle the national information space. In fact, prior 2006, the majority of cities and towns in Belarus was devoid of any internet connection. However today, its capital Minsk is one of the most well-connected places in the country. That being said, the internet access in the rural places is still very limited.


2. Burma

From the early 2000s, Burma, which is now known as Myanmar, has granted internet access to its people. But, that’s just the outer part of it. Too much censorship by the military government of the country, which was cut down a bit in September 2011, made it impossible for the people to utilize it to the fullest. Even now, only 1% of the entire population has internet access. And, it is also severely expensive.

Three journalists and two publishers were sent to prison after publishing an article online, which had statement from an activist group.


3. China

Although China sports the largest number of internet users across the globe, the censorship is severe. The Chinese government has more than 60 internet regulations and even monitor and block content. In fact, Google is blocked in this country.


4. Cuba

Despite internet being introduced to this country in the early 90s, it did not progress because of funding issues and government regulations. Also, the immense censorship means only half of the country’s population has internet access. Also, there is no mobile internet in Cuba.


5. Egypt

When Hosni Mubarak was ruling the country, Egypt was partly-free. However, by 25th January 2011, the government blocked Facebook and Twitter. And, two days after that internet accessibility had been shut down. Also, in the year 2017, almost 62 websites were banned.


6. Iran

Iran uses another method to limit the internet access, which is speed throttling. This irritates the users and restricts their communication. Even now, only half of Iran has some internet access.


7. North Korea

Despite the availability, the internet access is strictly limited in North Korea. One can only access the internet with special authorization and that is generally for government-related reasons. Access to global internet is restricted to a few people.


8. Saudi Arabia

Several websites have been blocked in Saudi Arabia. In 2006, Wikipedia and Google translate were also blocked. The reason given for this was that several people used them to break away from the filters that were placed by the government. Also, the internet here is expensive and of bad quality.


9. Syria 

A plethora of websites are blocked in Syria because of the political agenda and people who access them get arrested. In November 2011, in 2013 and even in 2014 the internet was shut down multiple number of times.


10. Tunisia

After President Zine Ben Ali was ousted, the censorship came down substantially. Also, the new government ditched the filters that were placed on social media.


11. Turkmenistan

Despite gaining the access for internet in 1997, the state controls every aspect of press and communication. Even the telecom market is extremely small here.


12. Uzbekistan

 Internet was available in Uzbekistan towards the end of 1995, but the progress was slow. However, there are severe restrictions and controls and out of the 32 million people, only 9 million of them are connected to the internet.


13. Vietnam

The government blocks the internet access in Vietnam, mainly, all the important government sites. Also, all the information about foreign political opposition, sites contains information about religion, and also sites containing information about human rights are blocked here.