The current level of technology is just amazing. It is just exciting to have a device that can fit your pocket, yet you can use the same device to reach to an array of information from across the world. Every day comes with a new development in the technology arena. There is something for everyone. Regardless of how down you feel as far as far as technology is concerned, you will always find an exciting offer that will tickle you. The internet is for everyone.

We can only sit and guess what is coming up in the next few days, weeks, months, or years. However, I perceive greater things in store for tech-savvy people. Year 2017 looks like a boom. A lot is in store. Do not be left behind. If you have a business, let it be alive on internet. If you have any book to write or already written some, avail them on internet. You could be staring at your breakthrough in the year 2017. Be on the lookout. There is more than we can hope for or imagine.

The internet of things is ready to alter the way we work and live. However, for now, pay more attention to the “live” part of the statement. If we have smart homes that are loaded with products that are connected, then our lives will become easier, more relaxed, and more pleasant. Imagine, you are in your car during the summer season. The weather outside is so hot, and your house is hot as well. You are headed home. Instead of waiting for the moment you enter your house to turn the air conditioner on, you simply make use of your smartphone to command the smart thermostat to reduce the room temperature.

Imagine also that you are in the kitchen preparing supper. You have not had a chance to read the news of the day. You command a voice prompt to read out the news to you as prepare your supper. It is anticipated that the number of smart devices will increase tremendously in this year. Smart homes are easy and convenient to operate. You will find that you may not even need a domestic assistant. The disadvantage with the smart devices is that they are quite expensive hence consumers will feel the pinch.

AR and VR

This refers to virtual reality and augmented reality. It is technology that was invented in the year 2016. Once the Oculus Rift was made available to the market, there was huge excitement amongst the users. Even though not everyone understood how it worked, all and sundry wanted to know it and this was a major boost to the developers. As a result of this, a number of games were produced as well as new Apps. Some of them include the AR Game and Pokemon Go. Going by these stats, it is now easy to point out that the market can now absorb VR and AR. Already there are some ready devices and high-tech applications that are being tested so as to be sure of the workability of the applications. Developers always look forward to having minimal destructions if any. The year 2017 will be the year of new devices and a host of new versions of AR and VR.

Machine Learning

The past few years have been very positive for machine learning. This technology also pushed to assist Google’s new search method. Even though this has happened with only a few persons, 2017 promises to be an eventful year in the context of machine learning. However, before you purchase the ones in the market, make sure you buy from genuine dealers. Machine learning is almost becoming a comrade and the newly accepted way of life.


Any marketer is basically excited to hear that automation will be more prevalent in year 2017. The previous tasks that were being done by humans will now be passed on to automation technology. A few years ago, there were the robotic journalists, so we do not expect that this will be a big deal. In view of this new development, it is anticipated that productivity will increase to all-time highs in the coming years.

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