Amazon Working On High-Speed Satellite Internet Service

To increase the high-speed broadband, Amazon has planned a strategy to launch a constellation of 3236 satellites on the orbit of the earth. However, it is a long-term project. This project intends to serve more than millions of people who are not able to access the internet. The expectation of many other companies joining to collaborate in the project is high, and it seems that all of them would have the same perception.

Confirmation of the project was publicized by business associate where the spokesperson explained how the project Kuiper is a new resource to drive a constellation on the low orbit over the earth, to provide high-speed broadband connection to all those underfed communities around the world.

The PROJECT KUIPER was disclosed by the GeekWire website, and the project was termed as Kupier because the satellites would be launched in the orbital belt above the earth which is also known as the belt of objects where we already have dwarfs and asteroids in the motion. The astronomer Gerard Kupier was the one who discovered this orbital belt for the first time in earth’s history. This project briefs about the satellite project costing approximately around billions of dollars might start over towards its completion. The satellites would be landed in the low orbit range of the earth ranging from 590 kilometers to 630 kilometers altitudes. The boundaries of space are agreed to be 100 kilometers above the surface all over the world, which is also known as the Karman line.

Usage? Pure Taboo!

When you don’t know the real usage of such satellites then you need to understand importance of high bandwidth availability in our homes. Take Pure Taboo for example – this extremely popular adults-only series is now delivering videos in 4K quality and believe us – current connections are barely coping with it.

Billions of dollars are expended on this project, to bring Amazon into competition with companies like SpaceX, which is planning to own the satellite for internet services. On the other hand, many companies are trying to use space-based networking system since 1990. The two significant investment in this area is undertaken by Bill Gates and a Royal Family of an Arabian country.

Amazon would be one of the companies that are progressing rapidly to propagate the internet via satellites hovering over the orbit of the earth. The Elon Musk’s SpaceX, Marks Zuckerberg’s Facebook and OneWeb are several other companies that are currently working on a project with similar kind of aims. Each of them including Jeff Bezos’s Amazon is racing to reap success in their own ways.

Earlier, Amazon had also declared its lead in the cloud business as a network of satellite facility accompanied by the project Blue Origin for space tourism. And now it has disclosed one of the most significant projects that Amazon will ever have in its business history.

GeekWire first reported on Thursday about the proposal of Amazon that is termed as Project Kuiper that will accommodate the cost of manufacturing, launching and operating 3,326 satellites through a heavy investment of multi-billion dollars apart from the 1 billion dollars which are currently being invested per year on the Blue Origin.

However, the Amazon has predefined rivals like SpaceX, OneWeb and Facebook. The current promise of Amazon is a coverage of the belt within 56 degrees south and north that covers 95 percent of the planet’s population. This project will consume many years to serve the earth and population is excited to understand whether the speed requirements would be fulfilled or not. See comparison of fastest internet service in the US by state.