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The penetration of internet services across the world has been improving year in year out, owing to ever innovative individuals who will never rest until the whole world becomes a global village. Of the whole population of the world, I am saddened by the fact that only 3.5 billion people can access the internet in this age and era.

One would pose and think that the American population is fully supplied with internet since it is a super power. It would also be a forgivable thought to imagine that the nation has cheap internet. Stop right there if you had such kind of mind. Almost a quarter of the population in American cannot access internet since it is highly priced. Even though America is seen and thought to be such a high-tech nation, internet penetration is still below par. Most of the companies that supply internet are individually owned hence the reason why ARPANET, even with Department Of Defense sponsorship, could not beat individual internet firms. I invite you to read through and you will find out that many people in the U.S have limited choices as far as internet provision is concerned. They just want fast internet at affordable prices.

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Amazon Working On High-Speed Satellite Internet Service

To increase the high-speed broadband, Amazon has planned a strategy to launch a constellation of 3236 satellites on the orbit of the earth. However, it is a long-term project. This project intends to serve more than millions of people who are not able to access the internet. The expectation of many other companies joining to […]


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Internet in the U.S

Internet in the U.S is mainly provided through two main modes – dial-up access and broadband. Though the two are the main ones, dial-up has been sidelined since broadband connection is fast and easily accessible. Dial-up connection, is partially used in a number of premises even though the use of a mobile phone line makes it a monopoly hence making it critically slow. This is the reason why broadband connection is the main preference for most people. It is fast and the best in the market.

The United States of America

The United States of America has many different internet service provider whose level of public approval is high. Fast internet in the states has made the economy to grow. The sectors that have greatly benefitted from fast internet are tourism, agriculture, and manufacturing. Comcast is a renowned internet service provider that serves almost 20 million clients. Comcast is reliable since it can ably provider internet to anyone regardless of location.

Performance Improvement

The download speed in the U.S is averagely high as compared to various other regions. The download speed can go to as high as 54.97 Mbps. The main beneficiary is the end user. Fiber optic network has made penetration easier and many end users can now access fast internet. Many states in the U.S can comfortably provide fast internet, and the best among them is District of Columbia. Read through to find internet speed in other states.


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