While comparing the United States to other countries that have internet connectivity, the United States does not rank well. The fastest internet service provider could be the slowest in other countries. However, this gap is being closed little by little and it will soon be a thing of the past. The year 2016 was a year where the newbies in internet service provision were fighting with the already established conglomerates. One of the new entrants in internet service provision was Google.

It is imperative to mention that other companies that were not using fiber optic cables had to rethink their strategies since they were almost losing out on the market share. Having said that, it is now factual that the largest internet service providers will not take a break, they will continue investing and inventing. This is the spirit of business and at the final end, it is the consumer who benefits. Every company is now working independently and has the ability to provide high speed internet to individuals and corporate institutions. Internet service providers across the world have gained more speed.

The best company in the United States that provides reliable fast internet is a tie between these two; Comcast andFiber Optics (FiOS). It is a known fact that Comcast has had faster speeds even as the market competition heats up. Moreover, strict government regulations saw the company lose a chance to move a mega merger with the global TWC. However, once this was allowed, Comcast is now the undisputed internet service provider in the United States.

FiOS avails internet through the fiber optic cable. The download speed of Comcast is believed to be 60 Mbps while that of FiOS is said to be 50 Mbps. The war of internet speed should be allowed to continue as this will only be beneficial to the end user. There is no single user who would want to have slow internet, more so with the technological advancements. Imagine watching a movie with a slow internet service that keeps hanging! This is not only sad but terribly inconvenient. Verizon FiOS has improved the download speed greatly to the admiration of many.

Note that these are not the only two internet service providers in the United States. Time Warner Cable was acquired by Comcast, hence it does not deserve a mention here. Bright House Networks has an array of services available to the consumer. Such services include calling features, a TV App, voice, games, and international calling among many others. Note that Charter and Bright House Networks merged so that they could operate under one name: Charter Communications.

The Sudden Link Communications has had astounding gains in the provision of internet. It has increased the network of coverage moving to over 30 states. The company is also involved in providing internet to corporations. Optimum Line is always in operation in spite of the many challenges that the company has faced. It has made tremendous improvement in internet service provision, making it a darling of various individuals and corporate institutions.

Even though the nation has had its fair share of challenges in provision of stable and reliable internet, various companies have been praised due to their trustworthiness in satisfying customers. The amazing offers and services that are offered by the companies make individuals and corporates always come back or remain royal to these companies. A majority of the business that have made these internet service available has been advertised by word of mouth of the happy customers that chose not to keep quiet.

It is therefore evident that the companies have grown as a result of togetherness and the spirit of unselfishness among the companies. If one does better than the other, no one will victimize the other. Every corporate leader learns from any mistake that he or she has made, rectifies it and moves on.

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