Who Has The Fastest Internet Connection In The Entire United States? – A State Wise Comparison

According to this research carried out in the year 2016, a big percentage of American adults spend over 10 hours staring at electronic gadgets such as computers, tablets, televisions, and smart phones. Many of these gadgets need internet connection to operate effectively. Today, the world is experiencing rapid technological enhancements which have revolutionized the way things are done. In fact, having a fast internet connection is increasingly becoming a basic need. This article seeks to establish the states with the fastest internet connection in the United States.

Important Facts

Out of ten states ranked to have easy access to a fast internet connection in the USA, eight are said to be doing well education wise, as well as have a thriving economy. This is a clear indication that a reliable internet plays a big role towards a state’s prosperity. Poor internet access is likely to cause major hurdles to the development strategies of any state.

Another study carried on in the year 2015 indicated that close to 85 percent of homesteads are subscribed to broadband internet. The study also established that a big percentage of Americans had access to 100mbps download speeds. Download speeds have in the recent times increased from the 31 mbps which was the average speed in the year 2014. In order to establish a state’s ability to access fast internet speeds, the national broadband map assessed major internet providers’ coverage in the specific state. In addition, they analyzed the percentage of the state’s populace who could access fast download speeds, and that of homesteads subscribed to a broadband internet connection.

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Analysis Per State


Minnesota is rated among the best states when it comes to employment opportunities, economy, and education. This state also tops the charts in regard to the collaboration of labor force. Over 70 percent of adults in Minnesota are employed. Over 85 percent of the population has access to fast downloads, and more than eighty five percent of homesteads in this state are subscribed to a broadband internet connection.


The state of Maryland is ranked among the top five states with the most employment and education opportunities. Almost 90 percent of the population can access fast download speeds, and more than 85 percent of the homesteads are subscribed to a broadband internet connection.


The state of Oregon ranks number 15 when it comes to economic performance and number 22 in regard to education. Close to 89 percent of the inhabitants of Oregon can access fast download speeds and more than 85 percent of the homesteads are subscribed to a broadband internet connection.

New Hampshire

In New Hampshire, the download speeds are not encouraging as only 75 percent of its inhabitants can access fast download speeds. However, it posted the biggest percentage of homesteads subscribed to a broadband internet connection.


Utah comes at number 9 in education and an impressive fourth position in economic