A Glance at Common Internet Access in the USA

Fiber Optic Internet in the U.S

Fiber to the home (FTTH), is the perfect solution for any residence in need of fast internet. A huge percentage of the internet backbone has been deployed through the use of the fiber optic cable. It is therefore undoubted that fiber optic network is arguably the fastest among all the broadband technology forms. As a matter of fact, the companies that deployed fiber optics, Google Fiber and Verizon FIOS, has the ability of getting to highs of 1 gbps and 500 mbps in that order.

The best advantage of fiber is that it can be relied on to provide fast internet speeds even over longer distances in comparison to Cable and DSL which are copper-based technologies. The company that offers the service is the main determinant but as long as fiber is in the market, it is the best that the world has ever had. Based on the technological advancements that have happened in the recent past, the world could be staring at broadband speeds that are 1000 faster than the current speeds. Be that as it may, fiber optic networks will still be stable and operational.

The internet is said to be fast and reliable since customers rarely have complains about it. The most recent cable technology has been rolled out to over 84% of households and internet service can download with speeds of over 100 Mbps.

The ease of transferring data in a speedy manner is what makes fiber broadband the best option. This therefore means that you can chat with your family members overseas and you may also stream a movie with ease. Fiber optics broadband utilizes light, as opposed to electricity in data transmission. Since the speed of light is known to be superbly fast, the frequency involved is therefore magnificent and the capacity of data is better and greater. The cable is made from plastic or glass which cannot be affected by electromagnetic waves, hence allowing data to be transmitted for longer distances without any form of degradation. Other modes of internet provision may be affected by energy loss and interference, however, fiber broadband erases such challenges and avails better results.

Cable Internet

If you are an individual who just requires internet in his or her home, cable is the most reliable internet access form. This form is available to over 190 million Americans. As much as there is great variance amongst various areas, cable internet is availed through the coaxial cable which was also used in traditional TV’s.

This is the best service for those who want internet at home. It is reliable enough and has been tested by many and found to be true. The transparency in billing as well as the data caps makes it a perfect choice for any home person. It is considered to be the most reliable wired internet.