The Top US States Boasting Fastest Internet Speed

The United States of America is known to be among the first nations to have internet connection. A majority of the states have admirably speedy internet connections and internet service providers try their best not to disappoint the residents. There are various states however that are known to have slow internet connections, hence majority of the people loathe such areas. The reason behind slow and fast internet connection is the population of each state. It is easier to connect a few people since the cost involved is quite low, while a state that has a high population is quite costly to connect everyone with a speedy internet. Therefore, in case you are in pursuit of a state that has a fast internet connection, one of the factors that can guide you is the population of the state. The states that have the fastest internet connection are smaller while the large states are ranked on the totem pole.

You might think there is no state with fast internet connection, but this is wrong. If you travel to Virginia, you will be browsing at incredible speeds of 13.7 Mbps (Megabits per second). Other states that have speedy internet connection in the United States of America are Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Delaware. Delaware has a download speed of 13.1 Mbps, Rhode Island has a speed of 12.9 Mbps, while Massachusetts has a download speed of 13.1 Mbps similar to Delaware.

I know that you are looking for a state that will enable you to have internet freedom so that you may not experience downtime during the internet rush hour. In this regard, do not hesitate to peruse through this research so that you may be informed of where to live if the internet is your lifeline.

If you are looking for speedy internet connection, pack your bags. Catch the next flight to the nation’s capital, Washington, DC. You are right that the District of Columbia is not actually a state but it is among the best areas that have a fast internet connection. According to a report done by Akamai, a company that provides cloud services, American states have had commendable internet connection over time.

The states with the slowest internet speed are New York, Montana, Texas, and California. Are you looking at relocating or to living in the United States? Make your decision wisely so that you do not spend your life in frustration and disappointment.

It is necessary to note that the state with the slowest internet speed is Alaska, having a download speed of 7 Mbps. Avoid such. Your first choice then should be Virginia.

But wait. How does Silicon Valley fair when it comes to internet service provision? It offers the residents an internet speed of 10.9 Mbps, a fair deal, right? In order to be sure, we have zoned the nation for you. The Midwest, West Coast, and Northeast have fast internet speeds while the Southern states such as Kentucky and Arkansas have relatively slow internet.